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‘We are the champions’…eventually

The pandemic has brought on so many changes as to how we live our lives. Our daily routines have been disrupted. A lot of us are facing financial uncertainties. And social isolation is not helping.

We’ve all heard what the “experts” recommend to keep our spirits up. They say we need to get enough sleep. We’re supposed to eat right. I’m assuming that means cut down on the junk food I adore. Exercise is high on the list. Although if you didn’t exercise before COVID-19 hit, I doubt it will change your mind about pumping iron or running a marathon.

It’s recommended that we stick to a regular routine, although I am not sure if that routine is the one you used to keep or your new routine. I guess just pick the one that works best for you. Limiting TV news time is probably a good idea. I am a news junkie, but after watching local and national news regularly, I must say my mood does not improve.

It’s recommended we do DYI projects. But I think it’s too late for that. We’ve been staying at home long enough that those projects are long ago completed.

The expert’s list goes on, urging us to stay busy and to focus on positive thoughts. But the tip I like best is to identify your social network. You’ve got plenty of folks to choose from, whether that’s your Facebook friends, family, your coworkers, chamber friends or just people you communicate with regularly. It’s okay to lean on them whenever you need to and let them know they can do the same in return.

And try to do something nice for someone each day. It doesn’t have to be epic. The guy behind you in line at the convenience store has one item and you have ten. Wave him on ahead of you. Put the grocery cart back. It’s some guy’s job to round them up. Don’t make him work so hard in this heat.

And don’t ever hesitate to call the chamber. If you’re a business owner and just need to compare notes, give me a call. The chamber is a small business, as well. I’m sure we have a lot in common. And I’m a good listener. If you’re a resident in South Hillsborough County, give me a call if you need contact numbers and information. Our current situation is fluid. I can be a resource and would love to share all the information I’m collecting daily.

While I was writing this column, I was watching “Bohemian Rhapsody.” I felt hopeful when Queen was singing “We Are The Champions.” We will be champions. Maybe not today or tomorrow. But we’ll get there. Just remember, we are better together.

Lynne Conlan is Executive Director of the South Hillsborough Chamber of Commerce. Call her at 813-634-5111, or email

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